BOC - Inform Veeder Root

Installing "Inform - Veeder Root" to New PC

As of 03/2022 only Ben Hodges, Jesus Arreola, and Robert Dronsfield have Inform

ISO file can be found in the BOC-ALBO-NAS1 or

Login info found in Bitwarden

INFORM Serial No.

Bitwarden Licenses

Download ISO ( and inform.mdb (holds all the sites)

Once Inform is installed using ISO go to it's File location usually

C:\Program Files\Veeder-Root\Inform\Data

In there you will put the downloaded "inform.mdb" file download previously and replace the existing one,

Once that is complete open Inform and sites should load

PDF for reference:

Inform file path.PNG


Should the domain users have issues with Sites not appearing in Inform, recommend placing the inform.mbd file on the desktop and renaming it. Once done, open the Inform Convert Database application and select the desktop file as the old database while keeping the new database information set as the default that populates. Let this complete and reopen Inform to see if that fixes the issue.